Illuminati – Reptilians – Nephilim

May 31, 2015

We are ruled by descendants of the Nephilim!
Most of the weird decisions, happenings, murders etc can easily be understood when you open your Bible and read Genesis 6:4 ‘The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and afterward.’ – the Nephilim were the half-fallen angel/half-human offspring of Satan and his group of fallen angels.
The Nephilim were the giants/monsters and their physical bodies were all drowned in The Flood but theri spirits remain as the demons, ghosts, apparitions, etc that Jesus so often battled.
The Nephilim DNA/Bloodline passed through The Flood in one of the wives of one of Noah’s sons.
That line begat what we now call the Illuminati/Reptilians etc – which are the Nephilim descendants and still have the agenda of their father’s leader Satan – to destroy as many humans as possible before they hear of God’s Plan of Salvation.
God loves us all is so often stated and baffles us as we think ‘All of us including the evil ones?’ But God knows that humans are lead astray by the demons as well as the Nephilim/Illuminati/Freemasons who successfuly select each other’s offspring by careful check of ancestry bloodlines and then the resulting offspring are carefully nurtured ie brainwashed by a programmed schooling that both teaches them via secret societies at school, university, private enclaves such as Bohemian Grove and Bilderburgers, etc and by having them particpate in increasingly more occult ceremonies such as the 33degree Masons swearing oath to promote Lucifer and his agenda – just as the BoGrovers do!
At the same time the elite Illuminati offspring are being schooled in their origins the offspring of all us ordinary people are being brainwashed by the press and media to think that God and Jesus are just myths and that magic, sorcery, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are all good. ANYTIME ANYONE SUCH AS YOU AND I TRY TO POINT THIS OUT THE ILLUMINATI THAT CONTROLS THE MEDIA SWAMP US WITH PSYCHOBABBLE INTENDED TO MAKE US LOOK STUPID AND PSYCHOTIC _ AND IF WE PERSIST WE WILL DIE IN WEIRD SUICIDES!
The Illuminati/Nephilim operate in all countries western, communist, ethnic middle and far eastern, Arab, Jewish – and all these have secret deals with each other to foment he wars, famines, diseases, frauds, epidemics that reduce the populations and put the blame on God.
This is why so many weird decisions and laws claimed to ‘help us’ actually turn out to harm us – preventive medical programs that make us all susceptible to various ‘new’ diseases, new food additives that bring in new ailments, trade deals that benefit the Illuminati, oil and water deals that impoverish a country’s citizens. etc.
The Antichrist is being tutored and guided to take over from the present pope when he is killed in the next year or so.
His agenda will be to have everyone marked with teh Mark of the Beast and anyone who refuses will first starve for lack of money and ability to buy anything and then be shipped off to secret camps to be beheaded.

Simple isn’t it?

Accept Jesus is the Son of God and you will survive Satan and his Nephilim even if you lose your head.

Hello world!

April 17, 2010

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